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Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution

viscogrev - hypromellose ophthalmic solution


Visco Grev is the fusion of Hypromellose ophthalmic solution that is used to treat dryness and irritation due to lack of tears in the eyes.

Tears in the eyes occur when not enough tears are produced to keep the eye moist. It helps to relieve the discomfort and burning associated with dry eyes by maintaining normal ocular lubrication. Normally, the eyes generate enough natural tears to allow them to move around freely and comfortably, as well as to clear dust and other particles. They can become dry, red, and painful if they do not produce enough tears. Wind, sun, warmth, computer usage, and some medicines can all cause dry eyes.

Hypromellose is a lubricant that works similarly to natural tears to provide temporary relief from burning and discomfort caused by eye dryness.

Benefits Of Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution

  • Reduces the dryness in the eyes.
  • Generate artificial tears in the eyes.
  • And also keep moisturised.
  • Also prevent irritation.

Direction To Use This Solution 

Get Hypromellose ophthalmic solution and take it in front of the eyes then squeeze two drops corner of the eyes near the nose. Keep the head in the sleeping position for 5 minutes so that the drops can easily be absorbed in the eyes.

Side Effects Of Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution

Hypromellose ophthalmic solution may cause temporary burning and itching. Rest it does not cause any serious side effects and an individual does not need to take any specific attention. Yes, if in case it causes an unusual effect then let the doctor know.

  • Vision Changes.
  • Eye Redness, Itching.
  • Puffy Or Droopy Eyelids.
  • A Lump Or Swelling In The Eyelid.

Precautions For Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution

Use these drops daily without any single skip for getting better results. Close the eyes for 1 or 2 minutes to allow the medication to be absorbed. Do not contact the applicator tip on any surface to maintain the drug as germ-free as possible (including the eye). Keep the container securely closed as well.