Hyper - NC

Hyper – NC Eye Drops



Hyper-NC Eye Drops are highly effective in corneal oedemaas it contains sodium chloride 5% .It is preservative free hypertonic ophthalmic solution Hyper-NC eye drops are manufactured by us in completely hygienic facilities and properly packaged to retain their effectiveness during storage and handling. Like other brands it is manufactured in world class WHO-GMP certified facilities.

Mode of action :  Hypertonic sodium chloride  eye drops are used to draw water out of a swollen cornea. The extra water in the cornea can cause vision to be poor.

Composition :  Sodium Chloride 5%
Category :  Hypertonic ophthalmic solution.

Presentation white coloured double lock 5ml. vial in an attractive outer carton.

Uses :  As an hypertonic ophthalmic solution used for the temporary alleviation of corneal oedema symptoms eye drops