Cellu Tears Gel

Cellu Tears Gel Eye Drops



We have come up with a fine range of Cellu Tears Gel Eye Drops. These Cellu Tears Eye Drop are latest version of CMC drops with disappearing preservative. Cellu Tears Gel eye drops contains muco-adhesive lubricant compound.

Composition : Sodium carboxymthylcellulose 1% stabilized oxychlorocomplex.

Carboxymethylcellulose is very effective to relieve dry,irritated eyes commonly caused by wind,sun ,heating/air conditioning, computer use and certain medications.It improves tear film integrity and corneal surface wettability.CMC protect cornea in pathological conditions.

Stabilised oxychlorocomplex : When comes it contact with air it converts into Nacl and water , which are natural components of the tears. So no harm to corneal cells even on longer period usage.

Packaging :  Green colored 10ml.vial in an excellent international blue colored bigger pack.
Composition :  Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 1%, Stabilised oxychlorocomplex 0.005%(as preservative).
Category :  Lubricating eye drops.

Uses :  Complete protection and safety for dry and irritated eyes.

Cellu Tears Gel…keeps eyes in good health.