Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) In India

Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) In India

Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) In India – Proper growth of the eyes is crucial for having a clear vision. But all the individuals don’t get it as many of them face issues such as a lazy eye which is characterized by an abnormal growth in one of the eyes due to abnormal visual development early in life. This is further made worse when the brain starts to favor the better eye, leaving the other weak eye to worsen over a period of time. But you need not worry as we are here today with a blog on the Top 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye In India.

Early screening of this eye disease is very crucial as ignorance may result in the complete blindness of either of the eyes. It is known by two names most of the time i.e, Lazy Eye and Amblyopia. The vision is affected seriously by it as Poor sight gets developed in the early stages of infancy or childhood and starts to get worse. Being one of the most common causes of vision loss in kids, affecting around 2% to 4% of children through the age of almost 15 years, seeing the Best 5 Treatments For Amblyopia In India is very important as it will help to avoid any future complications. 

Find Out The List Of Top 5 Amblyopia Treatments Suggested by Ophthalmologists in India

One of the most common causes of Amblyopia is the major difference in the eyes which brings the difference in the ability to focus. Those kids who have a history of some kind of eye disease, developmental disabilities, premature birth, and small at birth are at more risk of getting a lazy eye. There are some other eye issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism which might also act as a possible reason for Amblyopia. Have a look at the list of top treatments for Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) In India.

Correcting The Problem

If the problem of Amblyopia is caused due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism then the first focus should lie on correcting it by the usage of glasses/eyeglasses so that the brain can treat both the eyes in the same way. Being a childhood disorder, a Lazy Eye must be treated as early as possible as many children don’t even know that they are having an eye issue. The vision of the weak will improve with the passage of time by simply wearing glasses and it might also be possible that no further treatment might be needed.  It can treat the issues of lazy eye problems which makes it rank in the list of 5 Top Treatments For Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)b in India.


There are some cases wherein the child and his parents don’t notice this eye problem called Lazy Eye and it gets very serious with time. In those rare cases, the only option left is to get operated on by an ophthalmologist. In those cases, the brain starts to neglect the images seen by the weaker eye. After going through a surgery one may still need to wear glasses so that the individual gets proper benefits after being operated on. Plus surgeries are used when Amblyopia is caused due to some other eye condition such as refractive vision impairments, strabismus, cataracts, and droopy eyelid.  Surgery is one of the highly preferred Treatments For Lazy Eye In India if the issues of amblyopia can’t be treated with other options.

 Eye Drops

If we talk about long-term care, then using eye drops is the best option that one can avail for treating Lazy eyes (Amblyopia). Using eye drops along with the usage of eyeglasses in bright light will help to prevent this eye disorder. One of the most widely used eyes drops for treating this eye disorder consists of Cyclopentolate and Chlorbutol Eye Drops and Atropine Eye Drops. Both these eye drops are utilized in eye examinations as they work by dilating/making the pupil wider so that the doctor can see the back of the eye and examine it properly. This eye drops is also seen as among the top Treatments For Lazy Eye In India.

Wearing Patch

In the beginning stages of Amblyopia the eye expert, most of the time prescribes the usage of patches. They are to be worn for at least 6 hours a day each day. Wearing an eye patch is one of the most simple, cost-effective treatments for lazy eyes. The vision of the weaker eye is improved with time as it forces the brain to utilize the images formed by the weaker eye as it will learn to work in coordination with the brain. The time duration for which it is to be used will be prescribed by the ophthalmologist. Scheduling the child to wear an eye patch might become a tedious task for the parents and they can form some creative plans to do it such as rewarding the kid for wearing the same for a said period of time.

Bangerter Filter

Also referred to as Bangerter foils, they are primarily used as a secondary amblyopia therapy following the patches that one needs to wear. Basically, these are translucent, plastic filters that stick to the back of the spectacle lens with only water. The eyecare expert might suggest the usage of eye drops also with the usage of these Bangerter Filters so that the further damage to the weak eye can be prevented and the child gets back on track properly. Those kids who are with 20/60 or better vision are most focused on this form of treatment for Lazy Eye (Amblyopia). 


We hope you got the information in this article about “Best Treatments For Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)b in India”. There are some symptoms of having a lazy eye which includes bumping into things on a particular side, experiencing a large difference in nearsightedness or farsightedness between the two eyes, having crossed eyes, having a droopy eyelid, and much more. Seeing an ophthalmologist is very crucial as it will aid to detect the problem at a very early stage and the respective treatment can be adopted as per the case.