Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India

Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India– Eye drops though come off as a significantly small medicine, have proven to be a pharmaceutical marvel over the years. With the rise in the exploitation of gadgets with screens and the overload of pollution, people are flooding the offices of their nearest ophthalmologist for common eye check-ups to the most heinous eye problems. The increased demand is why people are looking for the best eye drops manufacturing company in India. There are lots of pharmaceutical company, who are taking part in providing quality eye drops. Here we have mentioned Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India.

Eye Health is as important if not more so than the health of all other body parts. Almost 80% of the perception of our environment around us is received all thanks to our vision. Eye Drops are used for the treatment of a wide array of eye problems. A little known fact is that Eye Drops are recommended by the experts even for eye injuries. Eye drops tend to soothe and heal our eyes and they have proven to be the ultimate savior for our vision multiple times. In today’s fast-paced world, eye drops are mainly used for redness in eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, trachoma and, conjunctivitis. With the help of these Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India, you can find the best company, who is delivering the quality medicines since ages.

List of Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India

Looking for a Pharmaceutical company that deals primarily with producing eye drops, you would preferably go for the one that has a wide range of products for eye care under its name and offers products that give the most brilliant results. Therefore today from the curtesy of Grevis Pharma we present you with a list of the top eye drops manufacturing companies in India that deliver in the departments of quality and efficiency.

Grevis Pharma

Grevis PharmaThis prestigious pharmaceutical company is a leader in manufacturing high-quality Eye Drops which have a lasting effect and show great promise in the pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Working with the best of scientists, Grevis Pharma has made a huge impact on the Eyecare Market with its loyal customer base.
  • They have a lot to offer in terms of services for the likes of customers and clients alike.
  • This company has an experience of over 15 years and knows the requirements of its consumers.
  • It has various connections with over 5000 doctors, especially ophthalmologists.
  • Won the title of ‘The Most Outstanding Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Company’ in the year 2018.

Iskon Remedies (Top Eye Drops Manufacturer in India) 

Iskon RemediesThis is a Pharmaceutical company that has been performing phenomenally well in the pharma market for its eye care range.

  • Due to the fact that it exclusively pays attention to its eye care and eye drops range, its products are being used all over the country and are the recommendation of so many experts
  • Iskon Remedies works in accordance with the standards provided by the WHO and GMP.
  • This company is renowned for the reason that it produces a line of products that have been thoroughly vetted and checked.

Eyeris Vision Care

Eyeris Vision CareThis particular pharmaceutical company, working exclusively in eye care products, emerged in the year 2004 but has quickly joined the ranks of the greats.

  • They produce a range of products that is great in performance, have a long shelf life and work effectively on every person.
  • They have a great staff of competent R&D workers who work around the clock to develop medications that can be suitable for everyone and can cater to all the needs of their consumers.
  • Eyeris Vision Care is a reliable and successful company that has a business spread everywhere.

Vee Remedies ( Best Eye Drops Manufacturer)

Vee RemediesThis Pharmaceutical spectacle has been a trustworthy venture for people around the country.

  • With its wide variety of product line ranging from tablets to ointments, it has always given priority to eye care products.
  • They realize the importance of eye health and want to do more for the health care of mankind.
  • They make quality products and have an impressive range of eye drops that include Timolol eye drops, Olopatadine Ophthalmic solution and, Brimonidine Tartrate solution, etc.

Aden Healthcare

Aden HealthcareYou probably have already heard of this popular brand that produces the best quality medication.

  • This pharma venture produces medicine in the form of tablets, capsules, ointments, nasal drops and of course eye drops.
  • The Eye drops from Aden Healthcare are a luxury as they produce a range that is both effective and has a long shelf life.
  • This company has been a leading pharma franchise company due to its list of endless clientele and its great and loyal customer record.

Asterisk Laboratories ( Pharma Eye Drops Manufacturer in India)

Asteriskk LaboratoriesBased in Chandigarh this company has grown fast to spread all over the nation.

  • Boasting over 200 associates, Asterisk Laboratories has been a key player in the pharma market for the best eye drops.
  • Its 3 Divisions are involved in the production of medication that has gone through intensive testing rounds.
  • They are so known as the number one company when it comes to on-time deliveries.

Cablin Healthcare

Cablin HealthcareAlso a company with wide-ranging pharmaceutical products line, Cablin Healthcare is a leading producer of rich quality medicines.

  • A company that has a tight network with all its divisions, Cablin Healthcare has a smooth and easy transport system.
  • This company has a gleaming range of eye drops that is given special attention.
  • They have multiple warehouses that are spacious and temperature regulated for the storage of eye drops

GNova BiotechEstablished in 2009, Gnova Biotech has an impressive range of products that speak for themselves in terms of quality and effectiveness.

  • Having a tight 24×7 customer service, this company is the number one in providing its customers with the required assistance.
  • Gnova Biotech has made a great impact on the eye care market by producing drugs that are trusted by a great number of people.
  • They have a strict ethical code in which they practice transparency in their business dealings and keep everything above the board.
MDC Pharmaceutical

MDC Pharmaceutical Ltd.MDC Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a very renowned company involved actively in the conservation of health care and the environment.

  • MDC Pharmaceutical has made a name for its eye care product line in the market because of the impeccable quality of its eye drops.
  • This Pharma Company is also an advocate for the environment in the way that it processes its medication in environment-friendly conditions.
  • It has achieved so much recognition in the market because of the hard work of their incredibly well-trained scientists.
Vrovwen Biologics

Vrovwen Biologics Established in 2016, this pharmaceutical company has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by using only the newest technology for the manufacture of their medications.

  • They specialize in everything ranging from tablets to nasal drops and have a worldwide approach.
  • This company has strong connections with a lot of physicians and doctors.
  • They provide on-time deliveries and have a commendable customer service.

On the behalf of Grevis Pharma, we hope we were successful in illuminating you with the best information on the topic Top 10 Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies in India. All the above mentioned pharmaceutical companies are the best at what they do. These are companies that are trusted for their quality and effectiveness. As eye problems in the world keep on increasing and getting worse, this sector of eye drops seems to thrive. We hope you can now clearly judge as to which pharma companies you would like to pursue.