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Natagrev Eye Drops

Natamycin Ophthalmic Suspension IP


Natagrev (Natamycin) ophthalmic solution is used to treat fungal infections of the eyes. Natamycin is an antifungal drug for topical ophthalmic administration. It is a tetraene polyene antibiotic derived from Streptomyces natalensis. Although the activity against fungi is dose-related, natamycin is predominantly fungicidal. Natamycin is not effective in vitro against gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria. Topical administration appears to produce effective concentrations of natamycin within the corneal stroma but not in intraocular fluid.
Natagrev(Natamycin) is a safe and effective drug for the treatment of mycotic keratitis.

Mode of action : 
Natamycin inhibits fungal growth by binding to sterols. Specifically, Natamycin binds to ergosterol in the plasma membrane, preventing ergosterol-dependent fusion of vacuoles, as well as membrane fusion and fission. This differs from the mechanism of most other polyene antibiotics, which tend to work by altering fungal membrane permeability instead.

Composition  :   Natamycin 5%
Category  :   Antifungal eye drop.

Presentation white coloured double lock 5ml. vial in an attractive bigger size outer carton.
Uses  :   As an Antifungal eye drops.