Mycopene Softgel


Mycopene are the power packed softgelatin capsules having DOUBLE STRENGTH of Lycopenes, Luteins along with Mixed carotins, Betacarotins(equivalent to 10000 i.u of vitamin A) and Zinc , Selenium and copper.

Mode of Action :
Lycopenes in Mycopene softgels are the most efficient biological caretenoid singlet oxygen quencher.
Lutein lowers the risk of ARMD and Cataracts and protects eye cell layers from potential light demage.
Betacarotins helps prevent night blindness and other eye problems and skin disorders and enhances immunity.
Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal functionaing, repair and growth of tissues.

Packaging :  (10*1*10)

Composition :
Mixed carotin30%–20mgs,
Beta carotin30%—-5.17mg
eq.Vitamin A—— 10000
Zinc ————– 10mg
Selenium ———-25mcg
Copper ———–0.5mg

Dosage :  As directed by Dietician or physician