Cellu Tears

Cellu Tears Eye Drops


We have come up with a fine range of Cellu Tears Eye Drops. These Cellu Tears Eye Drop are latest version of CMC drops with disappearing preservative. Cellu Tears eye drops are very special drops in india giving excellent lubricating properties.

Composition :  Sodium carboxymthylcellulose 0.5% stabilized  xychlorocomplex.

Carboxymethylcellulose is very effective to relieve dry,irritated eyes commonly caused by wind,sun ,heating/air conditioning, computer use and certain medications.It improves tear film integrity and corneal surface wettability. CMC protect cornea in oathological conditions.

Stabilised oxychlorocomplex : When comes it contact with air it converts into Nacl and water , which are natural components of the tears. So no harm to corneal cells even on longer period usage.

Packaging :  Green coloured 10ml. vial in attractive pack.
Category :  Lubricating eye drops.

Use :  Useful in dry and irritated eyes.

Cellu Tears…The light to life.

Dry Eye - Its not always same solution for all !!!

Posted by Grevis P on Wednesday, 4 July 2018