Pharmaceutical Business Opportunity at Grevis Pharma

Grevis Pharmaceutical is the well-known ophthalmic pharma company in India that manufactured a wide range of Eye drop products.  At Grevis Pharmaceutical, we have come up with an approach to treat the poor eye vision of patients and provide them a new way of exploring the world. With around 15 years of contribution, Grevis pharma is progressing fastly and received many certifications for its quality eye drop products. Now we are highly recognized Eye Drops Company and a leading supplier of the exclusive and diverse range of products in the market. We provide the all kind of eye drop range like Antibiotic eye drops, Lubricating eye drops, Anti-allergic eye drops, etc.

We are offering PCD Pharma Business opportunity for pharma professionals who are willing to deal in Eye Drops/ Ophthalmic products for business dealings. We are the most trustable pharmaceutical company for Eye care products. We have created a market for our products through quality, effectiveness, affordability and marketing strategies which are result driven. Our Ophthalmic products are innovative and come with excellent quality packaging for its long shelf life.

We are providing Eye drop range for  PCD Pharma business opportunities at pan India level, we have been inviting the potential pharma professionals, who can contribute their valuable efforts.  we intended to open up a new business opportunity for wholesalers, distributors, retailer etc. By associate with Grevis Pharma as our business partner, we will empower you with all the support like unique monopoly rights, effective promotional inputs, incentives, and others.

For detailed information about our Eye Drops Business and the vacant area contact us anytime through +91-8607529796, 9812429796 or write to us on

Our Highly Appreciated Eye Drops Product Portfolio

At Grevis Pharma, we cover up the large segment of Eye Drops to provide a one-stop platform for all the Ophthalmic needs of the customers. Our product quality is tested by a reliable quality controller, who are proficient in delivering the best product.  They ensure that the product has an accurate composition, effectiveness, Our provided drops are helpful in treating the eye problem in the most efficient manner:

Here given below is our Eye Drop product portfolio:

  1. Antihistamine Eye Drops
  2. Itching and Redness Reliever Eye Drops
  3. Redness Reliever Eye Drops
  4. Lubricant Eye Drops
  5. Antihistamine eye medicines
  6. Antibiotic for eye problems
  7. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Lubricant
  8. Corticosteroid (a steroid hormone)
  9. Laxative solution
  10. Synthetic glucocorticoid
  11. Decongestant (vasoconstrictor or sympathomimetic agent)
  12. Analgesic range etc.

Since commencement, our company is extensively involved in innovation and research. This practice helped us in meeting the quality requirement of customers and stay updated with the latest market trend.

What Are We Offering to Our  Pharma Business Associates?

Grevis Pharma is quite sharp at taking its responsibility seriously. Once we associate with you, our company will provide you all the possible support through which you can secure a position in the market place.  We have a Strong customers approach that enables us to build long term business networks.  Moreover, we believe in maintaining transparency in the work, which further helps us in boosting trusts.

Being an innovative Eye Drops company, we focus on innovation, strong R&D, Quality assurance, networking, and all other factors, which made add on the value in our company. Apart from this, at the time of joining our venture, we will provide you the following supports to clear your career paths and open up new doors of opportunities:

Unique Monopoly Rights- It is one of the most powerful weapons that has been using for beating the potential competitors, who create obstacles in your way of success. Our company provides you the monopoly rights of areas, which are quite renowned for its sales and market.

Free Promotional Inputs– We also helps you in promoting our domain with the best-printed inputs, which you can distribute in the relevant market to ensure brand awareness.

Marketing Backup- With the help of our most experienced marketing team, we are capable to provide you the best marketing strategies through which you can promote your business effectively.  Through this, you can effectively represent yourself in the market.

Quality Products– Quality is the USP of our company. We maintained a separate quality department, which is backed up the most experienced quality controllers, who keep their intense eye on each formulated unit and make sure that they are quality approved.

What are the Advantages of Associating with Grevis Pharma for Pharma Business?

We have made more than 14 years of contribution to this industry. Our clientele and market value are quite strong and unbeatable. Moreover, the sales structure exceptionally.  By associating with such a well-known and recognized the company, you can grow easily without facing any difficulty. Along with this, our prices are very competitive, which is the major attraction of our long term customers. Here is the list of advantages that you will get by associating with this,

  • At Grevis Pharma, we let you stay protective from the potential competitors, which always creates a problem in your way of success.
  • Our Company has 250 Channel partners, 10 manufacturing plants and 450 registered products.
  • All our products range are thoroughly prepared for GMP and WHO Plants.
  • You will get the Monthly Promotional Schemes, which will help you in leaving an impact on the customers.
  • We provide you the proper inventory planning so that you will always come up with the stock availability whenever your customers ask for. Inventory management helps you to avoid additional capital investment needs and minimize losses.
  • Our business partner will provide you Product manual and product information update as well as a monthly newsletter.
  • We have old and reliable logistic partners, who can well-coordinate with all the mediators and deliver products directly from manufacturers and deliver them to the customers.
  • Our company offers you the brand recognition, attractive discount and loyalty schemes which always help us in retaining our customers for a long time.
  • To gives you the freedom to sell your product range without facing any major competition we will provide you the unique monopoly rights. Through this, you can easily sell your products and gain the customer’s attractions.
  • We will provide you the variety of promotional inputs that you can distribute into very relevant places like the medical institute, healthcare sector etc. Some of these promotional inputs are Pharma Products Visual-Aid, Marketing Bag, Promotional Literatures, Visual Profile For Company, Visiting Cards etc.

Our 100% Quality Assurance

The quality team of Grevis Pharma thoroughly inspects all the product as per the set quality norms. They conduct a procedure for QC. Each Step makes the product quality better and better. Our product quality is exceptional in the market as we thoroughly inspect it before and after. Following are the activity that we keep on practicing for improving the product quality:

  1. Checks quality on computerized systems and smart equipment
  2. Best Quality Controller Team at Premises
  3. We have enthusiastic and dedicated staff
  4. Regular Monitoring of Each Manufactured Unit
  5. We have GMP and WHO Verified unit

Terms And Conditions for Collaborations 


  • The rate and prices of the product can rise without any prior notice so you have to confirm the net rate before placing an order.
  • The company holds the full rights to change the product price (MRP)/net rates/ Packing etc without informing you.


  • The order must be sent in writing by courier/email/SMS then we will provide you the Performa invoice by email where all the detailed will be mentioned.
  • After getting your confirmation on it, we will raise the invoice.
  • The Proforma Invoice will consist of details about order, products, price, time etc.
  • The advance draft is mandatory in order to make the goods purchased from our company.
  • You need at least 12 days time is required to execute the orders as soon as receiving the Demand Draft.
  • The Monthly purchase should be min. Rs.20,000 for per territory/district.


  • The amount of invoice value should be deposited in our Bank account then we will deliver you the goods through courier on the same day only
  • The extra charges like  freight will be charged from you

Return policy

  • Once the product has sold it cannot ever return in any case except quality error.
  • There is no exception of  ‘Broken and Expiry products’.


  • The Area of Business operation will be decided as per the mutual discussion.
  • Moreover, the Business will not sell on the product on the unallocated areas.
    The prices of our ex. godown, as well as the freight, will be paid by the Business. If any prices will be paid by us will be charged in the invoice.

Contact Details

Name- Grevis Pharma

Address- SF-230, Second floor, JMD Megapolis Sohna road, Sector-48, Gurgaon, -122003, India

Phone No–  +91-8607529796 , +91-9812429796

Email ID–