Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Tripura

Grevis Pharmaceuticals is an ISO certified ophthalmic formulation company, we are capable to provide the widest range of Antibiotic eye drops, Lubricating eye drops, liquid gel, Antibiotic Agents, Anti-allergic eye drops, Soft Gel Capsule, etc. We are coming up with Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Tripura. We are operating our services in all the districts and regions of Tripura. We are cordially invited all the pharma specialists to come forward and take this opportunity to boost the medical sector of the state. Healthy eyes is an important element of a healthy body.

We make sure to provide you with safe, effective, and pure eye drop at most affordable rates. In order to get our franchise services or want to know more in detail about our company. Feel free to call us at -+91-8607529796, +91-9812429796, +911244017752 or you can also mail us at grevispharma@gmail.cominfo@grevispharma.com. We are always here for you regarding any kind of assistance.

Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Tripura

Top Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Tripura

Grevis Pharmaceuticals is one of the best Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Tripura who is engulfed in producing and exporting secure and effective eye drops to cure eye problems. Electronic gadgets have badly affected our eyes due to which several eye ailments can happen such as redness, itching, the flow of water, etc. To give a permanent solution to all these problems, our company has come up with a different product of Eye drops to deal with all these problems. Here are the features that make our company and its product more demanding in the market. Check out all the factors to know more about our services –

The company produces all the stock in GMP-WHO manufacturing units which provides complete quality assurance.

The company owns all the latest and modern technology equipment to carry out bulk orders.

The complete list is approved by the DCGI and FSSAI authorities.

The company follows strict quality parameters to check out the quality of the products.

What are the Merits of Connecting with us for Eye Drops Range?

Grevis Pharmaceuticals is one of the best Eye drops PCD franchise Companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The eye problems are increasing day by day due to attraction towards electronic gadgets. If you are thinking to run a business without the interruption and pressure of the company then go for Eye Drops Pharmaceutical Industry. There are many benefits of owning a PCD franchise, especially in today’s scenario. We are providing full package of benefits and merits to our franchise associates –

Liberty of Work – The company gives complete authorization to the owner of the company to run the business venture as per your own potential and experience. The franchise company doesn’t interfere in any decision of the company.

Customer Satisfaction – The company is running for meeting the needs of the customers. Customer Satisfaction is our prior duty. Delivering 100% customer satisfied products is our main motive. All the production of the products takes place as per the customer needs.

Expand Distribution Network – This business opportunity provides a massive introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and its various aspects. The company provides you various opportunities to expand your distribution network by collaborating with other delegates at the domestic and international levels.

Monopoly Rights – The company provides monopoly rights to beat the market competition which is a big threat to the franchise company’s sales and growth. We make sure that our franchise associates don’t suffer in any way.

Low-cost Investment – The Pharmaceutical industry requires very low investment to start the business venture. If you are thinking to start the business venture then do it, it has a very minimal amount to invest.

Promotion Strategies to Advertise the Products in Tripura Marketplace

Well, advertisement plays an important role in promoting the products in the market. It helps in engaging as well as awarding the audience about our existing brand and its productive products. Moreover, the competition is getting tough day by day. It becomes more challenging for the franchise associates to compete with competitors in the market. Grevis Pharmaceuticals help its business associates by providing them well-executed marketing strategies to build the identity of the company in the market. Other than the marketing strategies to promote the brand, our company gives free promotional tools too to its franchise associates –

MR bags

Visual Cards





Letter pads


Free sample kits


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Name– Grevis Pharma

 Address– SF-230, Second floor, JMD Megapolis Sohna Road,

Sector-48, Gurgaon-122003

Contact Number-+91-8607529796, +91-9812429796, +911244017752