Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara

Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara- The increasing number of eye disorders has driven the demand for ophthalmic products that influences the pharma companies and distributors for getting third party manufacturing services for eye drops. There are many pharma manufacturers which are providing manufacturing services but few are specialists in the ophthalmic range. One of the best eye drops manufacturing companies, Grevis Pharma is representing our services as an Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara. The company has been manufacturing all ophthalmic products as per the norms set by WHO and GMP to match the international standard of the products.

Grevis Pharma is a pioneering ISO certified Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara that brings a diverse selection of DCGI and FSSAI approved eye drops at very reasonable prices. The company has been manufacturing the products by utilising the cutting edge technology that is why we are becoming a preferable choice of various companies. In order to make a smooth deal, our company appoints exceptional logistics services, stock availability, customer support and many more. Our company is backed by well qualified and professional staff that puts every single effort into making services comfortable.

Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara

If you are interested to get our deals from Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara then contact us by calling at 8607529796, 9812429796, or grevispharma@gmail.com are the phone numbers to call.

Why Choose Our Unit For Eye Drops Manufacturing In Vadodara?

Grevis Pharma is an eye drops specialist company that has a high proficiency in the ophthalmic range. The team of experts closely researches different molecules and atoms and brings the latest products to the market. All our staff are highly experienced in this field and also hold a degree in the same field. Moreover, the company has been identified as a top eye drops manufacturing company in Vadodara. And we believe that what we have achieved in our working tenure all goes to the unit where our products are manufactured.

  • The unit where our products are manufactured is well enabled with advanced machines and other tools.
  • All our products are manufactured in a systematic production lane to ensure quality.
  • Our unit gets sanitized in order to keep the production area contamination-free that is for quality purposes.
  • Due to being located in a duty-free zone, our manufacturing services are found to be pocket friendly in terms of price.

Ophthalmic Products Which We Are Manufactured

Making the products effective our company works tirelessly, all products are processed in a sustainable supply chain management. Sustainability in the process reduces the extra cost by minimizing the expenditure required while manufacturing such as unnecessary raw material. Instead of just boosting the sales of the product we put more emphasis on making the product effective. Our team determines the quality of the products at each step and ensures the quality then sends it to the packaging team. The packaging department packs the products in an accurate way to avoid any kind of leakage and damage to the products.

Let’s take a look at the products in which we provide manufacturing services

  • Cyclogram
  • Hyper – NC
  • Moxigram – DF
  • Alphavis – T
  • Cellu Tears Gel
  • Carboxymethylcellulose
  • Moxifloxacin (Self Preserved)
  • Nepafenac Ophthalmic Suspension

Beneficial Third Party Eye Drops Manufacturing Services

This Eye Drops Manufacturers In Vadodara also analyses the needs of customers. Our company gives their best to satisfy the customer and to keep them happy. We have analysed the issues which are faced by many pharma companies and distributors while getting third party eye drops manufacturing services. Then we got to know that they were facing issues like late delivery, shortage of the products, inaccurate information as well as not receiving any customer support. So, as per all issues we have set strict policies to make the services more comfortable.

  • Customer support- In order to provide accurate information our company has appointed a customer care representative so that our clients can easily get services along with accurate details regarding deals.
  • Stock availability- We always keep the most demanded products in our warehouses so that our clients do not need to hassle here and there while in urgent need. We get to know their demand once they make the first deal with us.
  • Logistics services- So, that products reach on time, our exceptional logistics team provides the on-time delivery of the products. The team holds qualifications in supply chain and logistics and has high experience in the same field.

How Do We Manufacture Eye Drops For Manufacturing Services?

Getting third party manufacturing services is a popular concept in the pharma market for various reasons. Primary is cost-effective as there is no need to enable a manufacturing unit that needs a high amount of investment. Further, it is a hassle-free concept that does not need to be worried about managing all tasks regarding manufacturing and delivering the products. You can save your time and that can be invested in marketing and for advertising the products in the market.

  1. We commence the manufacturing process by importing renowned businesses’ empirically proven raw ingredients.
  2. All of our raw goods are segregated, and our quality control personnel inspects and eliminates any extraneous particles.
  3. Our production staff next begins the manufacturing process by processing all of the components in the equipment.
  4. Mixing, sieving, crushing, coatings, filling, and other duties are all part of the manufacturing process.
  5. Following manufacture, our packaging team wraps the items correctly and provides beautiful packaging.

These all take 5 to 6 weeks and provide excellent eye drops manufacturing in Vadodara.

Contact Details

Name- Grevis Pharmaceuticals.

Address: SF-230, Second Floor, JMD MegapolisSohna Road, Sector-48, Gurgaon-122003

Phone: +918607529796, +91-9812429796, +911244017752.

Email: grevispharma@gmail.com.