Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat

Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat– In the current scenario of the pharma industry the demand for eye drops is taking place and many pharma professionals are looking for top quality eye drops for their business. Grevis Pharma is one of the specialised eyes drops manufacturing companies that deal mainly with ophthalmic products for other firms. Recently, the company has been nominated as an Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat that brings a wide range of products that are approved by DCGI and FSSAI and available at very reasonable prices.

Grevis Pharma is an ISO certified Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat that has been curing various eye disorders such as refractive errors, age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. The company manufactures the products as per the norms set by WHO and GMP to match the global standard of the products. Moreover, in order to make the deals smooth and relaxed, we provide our clients with advantageous services such as stock availability for emergencies, logistics, customer care services and many more.

Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat

It is time to make a fruitful deal with our eye drops manufacturer in Surat. Get our quality products by calling at 8607529796, 9812429796, or grevispharma@gmail.com are the phone numbers to call.

Why Outsource Our Unit For Eye Drops Manufacturing In Surat?

Grevis Pharma is a well-known company in the pharmaceutical sector that not only does business in the nation but also exports its products. Throughout its history, the firm has received several awards for manufacturing and supplying high-quality eye drops to the market. Our firm has a team of highly skilled and trained employees that work tirelessly for us. The unit where our items are made has excellent infrastructure and distinct divisions for production-related activities. Some of our manufacturing plant’s highlights are listed below.

  • Our manufacturing facility is in a duty-free zone.
  • Manufacturing is done with cutting-edge technological gadgets.
  • Separate sections for each sort of job improves the overall flow of the process.
  • Our unit is cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the space free of infection.
  • Our unit is supported by a highly trained manufacturing staff as well as an expert team.

100% Effective Ophthalmic Solutions For Manufacturing

Quality is our main focus and to achieve excellent quality we process our products under various parameters. The quality control team of our company inspects the eye solutions at each step of the manufacturing and ensures their effectiveness. Further, all our products are manufactured in supply chain management in which we are able to control the unnecessary use of raw material and manage it. This also helps us to reduce the overall cost of the products and make them affordable for all. The packaging team packs the products in an appropriate way to avoid any kind of damage or leakage to the products.

  • Cyclogram
  • Hyper – NC
  • Moxigram – DF
  • Alphavis – T
  • Cellu Tears Gel
  • Carboxymethylcellulose
  • Moxifloxacin (Self Preserved)
  • Nepafenac Ophthalmic Suspension

How Are We Found To Be Beneficial Eye Drops Manufacturing Companies?

Grevis Pharma, founded in 2005, has been providing excellent eye drops to a wide range of clients. For a long time, the organisation has had a large consumer base or various pharma wholesalers and organisations that have used our manufacturing services. This eye drops manufacturing business in Surat is always there for the client and helps them in any way possible since they play a key part in getting our goods recognised. We also offer seamless transactions so that our consumers feel at ease while receiving services from our Eye Drops Manufacturer in Surat.

  • Stock Maintenance- In order to fulfil the client’s urgent demand we are always prepared with the most demanded products.
  • Logistics- Our company provides the on-time delivery of the products since we are teamed up with exceptional logistics services.
  • Customer care- To provide accurate information regarding our third party eye drops manufacturing services, we have appointed customer care representatives.
  • Informative Platform- Grevis Pharma is a platform where many ophthalmic experts are connected and share the latest updates about the market.

How To Make A Contract With The Eye Drops Manufacturer In Surat?

Third-party manufacturing services are favoured by a variety of professionals not just in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in other industries like apparel, electronics, and many others. It has grown in popularity because of a variety of advantages, including cost-effectiveness, high-quality production, and financial savings. Many firms and distributors outsource third-party production for ophthalmic items to manufacturers that are experts in this sector. PCD businesses and distributors mostly use it to obtain third-party eye drop manufacturing services.

  • You must first contact us and then prepare a list of goods in order to get into a contract with a third-party eye drop producer.
  • Then determine how many goods you want and talk about price with us.
  • We will deliver the quotation, which will include payment details as well as the agreed-upon product pricing.
  • It is our customer’s obligation to select the packaging material and product arrangement.
  • Submit the essential documents in order to establish an agreement with us, such as a photocopy of the GST, a drug licence, and so on.
  • After we have reached a formal agreement, we will begin the production process.

Just come ahead and get our eye drops manufacturing services in Surat. We ensure you provide quality ophthalmic products for your businesses.

Contact Details

Name- Grevis Pharmaceuticals.

Address: SF-230, Second Floor, JMD MegapolisSohna Road, Sector-48, Gurgaon-122003

Phone: +918607529796, +91-9812429796, +911244017752.

Email: grevispharma@gmail.com.