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Since commencement, Grevis Pharma has shown its concern to the increasing poor eye sights condition of students, teenager, aged people and many others. Unhealthy lifestyle of people causes such eye condition in which Top Eye  Drops Manufacturer like Grevis Pharma contributing well. We covering the huge segment of Ophthalmic products like eye drops, soft gel capsules, topical solution etc.  Through our reliable medical approach, we aimed to make secure the eye sights of the nation and make their vision clear.

Being a leading Eye Drops Manufacturing Company, we make use of the medically tested chemical extracts for the formulation of eye drop range and other ophthalmic product.  There is multiple reasons for the poor eye sights like excess reading, less consumption of protein and vitamin, too much usage of cell phone etc. All these factors directly impacts the eye sights. Our company has taken these steps to treat such serious eyesight problem to gives a new vision to the patients. Our regular contribution toward the Ophthalmic Industry made us the prominent  Eye  Drops Manufacturer in India.


Through our widest networking with the wholesaler, dealer, distributors, and other pharma professionals, we are able to provide our product range in every location in Pan India. Our service areas is quite wide. If you are willing to book your order then you can contact us through +91-8607529796, +91-9812429796 and drop us a mail through grevispharma@gmail.com.

Eye Drops Manufacturing Company

List of Ophthalmic Product Provided by Grevis Pharma

Our most sophisticated infrastructure unit or chemical plants helped us in formulating all kind of eye medicines range.  It is a one-stop solution for any kind of eye disease that a person is facing.  Through our rich quality Eye drops and other ophthalmic products, you can diagnosis the following eye problems:

  • EyeStrain
  • Red Eyes
  • Night Blindness
  • ColorBlindness
  • Uveitis
  • Presbyopia
  • Floaters
  • Dry Eyes
  • Excessing Tearing
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Disorder
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Corneal Disease
  • Eyelid Problems
  • Vision Changes

We have a solution for all the above mentioned eye disease. Also, we gives you 100% assurance to deliver the quality drug range through leakage and breakage proof packaging and our unmatched quality Standard.

Our Proven Quality Assurance

At the leading Eye Drops manufacturer Company, we have been covering up all the quality aspects to influences the product in the best possible manner.  We are actively focusing on development, quality control, production, Packaging, distribution, and inspections. By ensuring such strict quality measurement, we aimed to focus on:

  1. Treating poor eye sights condition of patients with effective Ophthalmic Medicines
  2. Make the economy free from any eye sights problems
  3. Improve the vision of all kind of patients in the country
  4. Developed strong support to the Ophthalmic Medicine Industry
  5. Establish an Identity as Best Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in India

Well-Planned Manufacturing Procedure

We give our massive focus on the formulation of our medicines range.  All the workers are aware of our strict formulation norms. There are lots of reason why we call our manufacturing procedure a well planned because we have divided our manufacturing tasks into many division like:

  • Selection of Raw Material- It is an important task before starting the formulation. We test our chemical extracts and materials, which will be used for the manufacturing of goods. We make sure that they are able to use or free from side effects.
  • Manufacturing of products- Once we select the product, our next tasks is to start the process. We have assigned the most reliable and trust team member for handling in this department. They thoroughly carry forward all task and end up at successful and quality ending of their work
  • Quality Packaging of manufactured drugs- Later on, we carefully packed the prepared drugs by using the most quality Packaging component. We make use of the best techniques and methods to do the packaging of all the drug range.
  • Timely delivery of products– With the help of our most reliable logistics partner, we are capable to deliver our drug range in PAN India. They are trusted in the team of making the timely delivery of all the medicines range.

Robust Infrastructure Facility for the Quality Formulation 

Infrastructure is the birthplace of medicines so we make sure it should be sophisticated and consist of the most advanced machinery. All the equipment and machines are technically tested and provide maximum output in the minimum time frame. It has the best chemical plants, which are known for their excellent performance. We regularly check and oiled the fixed machinery in order to ensure their smooth functioning.

Spacious Warehouse Facility for Storing Prepared Eye Drops 

We have designed our warehouse facility in such a manner whether all the drugs would be kept safely and ensure a long shelf life of manufactured goods. Here are some of the highlight of our warehouse which is the reason that we are counted amongst the top Pharma Manufacturer for Eye Drops:

  • Wide Space for loading medicines through the truck and other transportation
  • Designed with  proper signage to clearly warn of hazards or to direct workers to take precaution
  •  non-slip surface to avoid injury or any other miss happening during work
  • Has proper Ventilation to keep all the medicines secure and safe
  • It has many electronic appliances to  manage the temperature

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Address- SF-230, Second floor, JMD Megapolis Sohna road, Sector-48, Gurgaon-122003

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