Eye Drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam

Eye Drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam- A rise in eye problems is being witnessed in society, which is driving up demand for ophthalmic products. Meanwhile, we have noticed that many pharma associates aspire to start their own businesses in this lucrative product category. Grevis Pharma is one of the leading eyes drops pharma companies, offering a diverse range of top ophthalmic medications. The company has expanded its operations and is now providing its Eye Drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam.

Grevis Pharma is a well-known ISO-certified company specializing in ophthalmic products. Our Eye Drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam will revolutionise the city’s commercial sector as well as the health of its people. We provide a monopoly-based pharma franchise that allows the customer to operate their business in a non-competitive environment. We provide an excellent assortment of eye drops that have been authorised by DCGI and FSSAI. Our company follows all WHO and GMP standards.

Eye Drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam

We are looking for new clients to join our Eye Drops Franchise business in Visakhapatnam. If you have any questions about our service fees, please contact us feel free to call us at 8607529796, 9812429796, or write an email to us at grevispharma@gmail.com. 

Surge In The Demand Of Eye Drops In Visakhapatnam

People experience significant to minor eye disorders these days, which has become a major concern. In fact, it is estimated that one in every three people in India suffers from chronic to mild eye problems. As Andhra Pradesh’s most populous city, Visakhapatnam is also a metropolis with a high number of individuals suffering from vision problems. Because of the growing quantity of automobiles that are released, which emit a high level of pollutants and cause a variety of eye diseases

To maintain the eyes healthy and free of infection, there is only one solution: use eye drops. It is a terrific chance to help humanity while also generating a return in the eye drops franchise company in Visakhapatnam. Furthermore, our society’s eye problems are becoming more prevalent.  In addition, the eye issues which our society is facing are Redness in the eyes, Tired Eyes, Red Eyes, Blurred Vision, Pain due to surgery, Allergy and Conjunctivitis.

What Factors Make Us The Best Eye Drops Franchise Company?

Grevis Pharma is a prominent brand in the business that is continually working on various eye disorders. People come to us because they are drawn to the high quality of our products. And it is only with the assistance of our cutting-edge production facility that we are able to effectively deal in high-quality products. Our factory is situated on an open plot of ground with various structures for each type of product. That includes manufacturing, quality control, packaging, logistics. It helps to run our production cycle smoothly. Additionally, these are some of the features of our manufacturing plant.

  • We manufacture the products by utilising high technology-based machinery.
  • All WHO and GMP norms are being followed by our staff.
  • The excellent logistics team delivers the products in a given time frame.
  • As the unit is located in the duty-free zone that makes the deal more affordable.
  • Our company is backed by well qualified professional staff.

Effective Eye Drops Offered By Grevis Pharma

The company’s goal is to heal any eye ailments that our society confront on a daily basis. Therefore, we manufacture the eye drops under stringent guidelines, with a team of specialists established at each stage to inspect the quality of the medicine and send them on to the next step. The product inspection continues till it arrives at the packing section. Our R&D team works smartly and brings the latest products to the market by analyzing the demand of the general public.

These are some of the products in which we deal

  • Gatifloxacin
  • Timolol 
  • Moxifloxacin
  • Nepafenac
  • Ofloxacin
  • PEG-400 + Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Moxifloxacin + Loteprednol
  • Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sod.+ SOC (CMC)
  • Tobramycin 

How It Is Beneficial To Start A Franchise Business With A Top Pharma Company?

Grevis Pharma is a customer-oriented company that has not left any stone unturned to keep the client happy and satisfied. We not only satisfy the client just by providing them top-quality eye drops but also take care of their needs and fulfil them on time. We have around 250+ associate partners across the nation who are receiving our services and have been working with us for many years. They are the only ones who are taking our products in various regions of the country and making people well known to our company.

Some of the reasons behind choosing our franchise business

  1. Monopoly Rights- we provide monopoly based eye drops Franchise in Visakhapatnam or we provide exclusive rights to the clients.
  2. Visual Aid- It is a kind of a marketing tool which keeps our clients up to date in the market as it contains all details about the latest eye drops.
  3. Incentives- To boost the enthusiasm of our clients we offer monthly incentives for sales. It works like a motivation tool that encourages them to give their best.
  4. Promotional tools-  Company details printed pen, notepad, marketing beg, chemist billing book, visiting cards are provided by us for promotion and advertisement purposes.

Grevis Pharma always supports its business partners at each step of this path. We are excited to work with new clients and enjoy high returns by selling effective eye drops.

Name- Grevis Pharma

Address-  SF-230, Second floor, JMD Megapolis Sohna Road, Sector-48, Gurgaon, -122003, India

Phone No– +91-8607529796, +91-9812429796

Email ID– grevispharma@gmail.com